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Gandhi Chin the Cvnt Mug

Gandhi Chin the Cvnt Mug


Gandhi Chin the Cvnt Mug,

Gandhi was quoted during an interview with heat magazine, where he revealed  a bust up with Paddy McGuinness whilst on the popular TV show Take Me Out. Paddy was said to have been trying to look up Gandhi's skirt and wooping out "Let the hanky - see the panky!" only to reveal that the OG man of peace was wearing his lucky He-Man pants!

 A scuffle ensued and Ghandhi's bodyguard (Lou Ferrigno) pulled them apart.  Whilst being held back from the Lancashire born McGuinness, Ghandi instructed Ferrigno to indeed "Chin the C*nt!"

This event was cut from the final edit where they replaced Ghandi with Dean Gaffney who was working in the canteen at the time of the incident.


A naughty, cheeky, hilarious take on the man of peace and loving.


  • 11oz glossy ceramic.
  • Bright white glossy finish.
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe.


Cheeky, naughty, rude and offensive gifts from

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